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All registrations must be completed online. Payments for registrations are accepted via card or check and must be made at the time of registration.  If you sign up after the deadline there is no guarantee you or your child will be placed on a team for that particular season. If you or your child decide not to play after the registration period has ended we will refund your money minus a $25 deposit per child. We do not accept registrations via email or phone. You may register for any of the open leagues by clicking on the registration link. Our age cutoff date for youth sports is August 15th of the current school year. If you have general questions regarding registration you may call the Sports Ministry at (901) 872-2264.

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Girls Volleyball

Men's Basketball

Adult Softball

Youth Basketball


Game and practice times are subject to change with the weather. Call the Sports Hotline at (901) 872-6823, check Quickscores, or check the notification box above to find out if your game or practice has been canceled. If a schedule change is made, the hotline will be updated by 3 pm weekdays or 8 am on Saturdays.


We utilize QuickScores for schedule updates, league standings, and scores. Click QuickScores to get started.

SPORT-SPECIFIC TRAINING:  At the beginning of each season, we will host sport specific training for the coaches in the upcoming season. We will provide devotionals, helpful communication methods, vital drills and skills to teach the players at practice, game day coaching tutorials, and much more. This will greatly improve the individual skill level of the player and they will begin to see improvement season-to-season.

COACH DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING:  As the lifeblood of our Sports Ministry, our coaches need to be invested in and developed. We want to come alongside them and help them be a disciple of Jesus Christ along with training them on the necessary skills it takes to coach in our leagues. They give their time and energy to coaching others—now it is time for them to be coached! They will see personal growth along with improvements to their coaching ability. This will provide our players better competition and better individual development both on and off the field.


The Grove is located just behind the ballfields and is home to bonfires, cookouts, and other activities. Our indoor facilities house our gymnasium, weight room, fitness room, cardio room, game room, and showers. The gym is open to all church members and their visiting guests. Gym hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For a complete list of rules and regulations regarding the use of our facilities click HERE.


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