Children’s Ministry

In our Children’s Ministry, every activity is designed to create a Christ-centered environment that cultivates faith, fosters friendships, and encourages a lifelong love for God. We provide a variety of dynamic, faith-building programs for kids in grades 1-5, making every Sunday an exciting opportunity to explore God’s truth and deepen their understanding of His love.

Elevate (Wednesday)

A special program designed to guide our 4th and 5th graders further along their faith journey. Every Wednesday at 6:30 PM, we dive into Bible literacy, learn key passages, engage in fun games, and learn in community with other friends. Join us in Room C109 with Mrs. Amy Blagg and elevate your child’s growth in the Lord.

Children’s Choir (Wednesday)

Unleash your child’s inner musician! Our choir program for children in grades 1-5 encourages them to express their faith through song. We meet at 5:30 PM in Room C108. Our children’s choir sings during various Sunday morning worship services throughout the year under the guidance of Mrs. Stacey Simmons.

Children’s Church (Sunday)

Children’s Church is where Sunday comes alive! At 10:30 AM downstairs in the tree house, our children’s worship room, our 1st-5th graders congregate to worship, sing, learn about God’s love for the world, participate in exciting games, and listen to Bible lessons that align with our life group lessons.

Life Groups (Sunday)

Our Life Groups are a core to the Children’s Ministry. Every Sunday morning around 9:00 AM in our children’s department, we bring kids together in a Christ-centered environment to explore deep biblical truths. Fun, friendship, and faith intertwine in these groups under the guidance of dedicated teachers who love to serve children.

Embark on a fulfilling spiritual journey with us at Millington First Baptist, where your child’s faith and joy grow hand-in-hand.


Have other questions, not answered here? Please reach out to the contact listed below.

Brian Exum, Children's & Preschool Pastor

What age range does the Children's Ministry serve?

Our Children’s Ministry caters to children in grades 1-5. Each of our programs is designed with age-appropriate teachings and activities.

What safety measures are in place for my child?

We prioritize the safety of your child! There are several ways that we do this. For starters, each child and their parent are given exclusive identification tags for a secure drop-off and pick-up process that is tied specifically to their family. Also, anyone who serves in the preschool department has been vetted ahead of time, trained, and has successfully completed a background check. In our Preschool wing we also have cameras covering every entrance and exit of the wing, while having cameras in each class room that the children occupy as well. Lastly, we have an officer in uniform and a security team in place every time the church doors are open for our normal programming. The officer and team not only view camera monitors continuously to help spot anything odd, but they also periodically make rounds through the Preschool wing to add another layer of accountability.

What is the earliest drop off time for my kids?

We open our doors 15 minutes prior to worship services.

I’m new, what should I do when I come on campus?

The first thing we want to do is gain some information from you that can help us better serve you and your family! Going to the connect desk and filling out a family form will be the first step for all new families. After filling the family form out, you will receive some temporary security stickers for your child that will set them up for their first week on campus. Someone serving then will help you to your child’s class in their designated area. Any of the information you give through the family form will be put into our database system so that the next time you are on campus, you will be able to approach the check in kiosks, type in your phone number, and print out security stickers for your child.

What are the day and times for your normal programming?

On Wednesdays our normal activities begin at 6:30pm, besides children’s choir at 5:30pm. On Sunday mornings, our life groups begin at 9:00am and then is followed by children’s church at 10:30am.

How can my child join a Life Group?

Life Groups meet every Sunday morning in our children’s department around 9:00 am. For more information, email We’ll guide you through the joining process and answer any questions you may have.