Life Groups

Faith was never meant to be walked alone. Our Life Groups at Millington First Baptist Church provide a warm and welcoming space for connection and spiritual growth. They offer a place for you to learn, share, and engage with God’s Word alongside people at similar stages of life. We believe in the power of community in transforming our faith journey.

Why join a Life Group?

Our Life Groups are more than a weekly gathering – they are where we form bonds that reflect the love of Christ. Through sharing, learning, and praying together, we create an environment that fosters spiritual growth and a deeper connection with God. In the diversity of our groups, we see the body of Christ – each person contributing their unique gifts and perspectives, enriching our collective faith experience.

Life Group Leaders and Locations

Kids Life Group Info
  • Babies (P120): Christine Michael, Kim Benoit, Mitzi Hiner, Hollie Mitchell
  • Toddlers (P123): Terry Jones, Glenda Hooker, Jamie Kannady
  • 2yrs (P121): Hannah Walden
  • 3yrs (P119): Ashlee Michael, Chris Michael, Brooke Smith
  • 4yrs (P101): Shawn Thomas, Kendall Cook
  • 5yrs (P103): Jimmy Lester, Erin Burnett, Debbie Rickman, Robin Wade
  • 1st grade (C102): Dianne Lindley
  • 2nd grade (C104): Martha Biggs, Winston Phillips
  • 3rd grade (C106): Robbie Hollingsworth, Cleo Hollingsworth
  • 4th grade boys (C107B): Miguel Alvarez, Billy Hiner
  • 4th grade girls (C107A): Sue Langford, Gene Williams
  • 5th grade boys (C109): Amy Blagg
  • 5th grade girls (C110): Kristina Exum, Wanda Poindexter, Betti Owens
Students Life Group Info
  • 6th Grade Boys (Y217): Russell Brandt, Tim Beam
  • 7th Grade Boys (Y216): Jonathan Faulkner, Ron DeBoor
  • 8th Grade Boys (Y215): Bobby Washington, Connor Hall
  • 9th-10th Grade Boys (Y213): Chad Blankenship, Tristan Field
  • 11th Grade Boys (Y212): Guy Hollingsworth
  • 12th Grade Boys (Y211): Scott Percer
  • 6th Grade Girls (Y201): LaDonia Beam
  • 7th-8th Grade Girls (Y203): Meghan Ferrell, Kristen Washington
  • 9th Grade Girls (Y205): Jordan Harbor, Wendy Blankenship
  • 10th Grade Girls (Y208): Kim Boatwright, Merissa Alvarez
  • 11th Grade Girls (Y209): Aquita Cogshell
  • 12th Grade Girls (Y210): Deea Lester, Darion Field
Young Adults Life Group Info
  • Co-ed College under 25 (Vert. Sports Rm.): Hayden Perry
  • Co-ed under 35 (A240): Keith Barger
  • Co-ed under 40 (W249): John Branch
  • Co-ed 30-45 (A235-237): Daniel Hodges
  • Co-ed 35-49 (A256): Monte Sharp
  • Co-ed Special Needs (C101): Melinda Forsythe
Adults Life Group Info
Median Adults
  • Co-ed 40-54 (A231/233): David Page
  • Co-ed 40-59 (A210): Bryan Field
  • Co-ed 45-59 (A209/211): Bobby Mullen
  • Co-ed 50-64 (A212): John Wilson
  • Co-ed 50-64 (A230): Billy Pruitt
  • Co-ed 55-69 (A229): Jay Daniel
  • Co-ed 55 & up (A239/241): Carl Knight
  • Men 50-60 (A236): Sid Larson
  • Women 40-59 (A227): Shelli Ellington
  • Women 55-69 (A218/220): Patricia Balyeat
Senior Adults
  • Co-ed 60 & up (A214): Ron Wells
  • Co-ed 60 & up (Fellowship Hall): Ken Martin
  • Co-ed 65 & up (A204): Mike Lovelace
  • Co-ed 70 & up (A264): Danny Wade
  • Co-ed 70 & up (W239): John Shaw
  • Co-ed 75 & up (A208): Don Holsinger
  • Men 65 & up (A224): Steve Bieber
  • Men 70 & up (A268): Keith Lindley
  • Men 75 & up (Conference Room): John Schroeppel
  • Women 60 & up (Gathering Place): Dana Bell
  • Women 65 & up (A269): Marsha Finch
  • Women 70 & up (A247): Carr/Barclay
  • Women 75 & up (A203): Carolyn Micheli
  • Women 80 & up (A100): Jeannie Ticer

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, there is a Life Group ready to welcome you. Join us this Sunday to experience the power of community.