Student Ministry

We are committed to glorifying God by engaging, impacting, and equipping young people in our community with a deep-rooted faith in Christ. We are here to create an environment where students can surrender to God, nurture their spiritual growth, and build lifelong friendships.

DNOW 2024

Disciple Now is a weekend retreat focused on enhancing the spiritual growth and connection with God among Middle and High School Students. Mark your calendar down for February 16-18. Registration is open through Feb 11th!

In Matthew 16:24, Jesus told his disciples to renounce themselves and follow in His footsteps. In today’s world, the search for authenticity is evident as we seek genuine connections, sincere support, and real leadership. But what about our faith? Have we considered what an authentic relationship with Christ truly means, and are we prepared to act on it? The Bible offers guidance on authentic faith, with Jesus’ simple command at its core: “Follow me.”

Life Groups & Midweek

Life Groups gather every Sunday morning at 9:00, providing a platform for students to delve deeper into God’s Word, develop enduring friendships, and nurture a supportive faith community.

On Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 7:45, our middle and high school students gather for Midweek Meetings, a special time of worship and exploration of Bible teachings relevant to the challenges and issues they face. Thematic nights and special sermon series throughout the year keep these meetings fresh and engaging.

Embark on an enriching spiritual journey with us at Millington First Baptist Church, where students’ faith and fellowship grow hand-in-hand.

Student and Parent Resources

Raising children and guiding families in today’s world comes with unique challenges and opportunities. As part of our ongoing commitment to support our church families, we have compiled a list of resources that address various topics parents frequently encounter. Click a topic in the list to view the resources.


Have other questions, not answered here? Please reach out to the ministry contacts listed below.

What age range does the Student Ministry serve?

Our Student Ministry is designed for middle school and high school students, typically grades 6-12.

What safety measures are in place for my student?

Safety is paramount in our Student Ministry. All our programs are supervised by vetted and trained adult leaders. We also adhere to strict guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of all our students.

How can my teenager join a Life Group or the Midweek Meetings?

Life Groups meet every Sunday morning and Midweek Meetings are every Wednesday evening. Just show up and join us! If you have further questions, feel free to contact us for more information.

Andrew Harbor, Student Pastor

Russell Brandt, Student Associate