What's Next?

As a part of our vision, there are steps by which someone connects with the body of Christ at Millington FBC.  The focus of this information is to provide a path by which you can begin to belong at Millington FBC.  Someone can seek to join our body of believers at any point in time through these steps.  The key is to find out where you are and then take the next step of growth and connection.


Our vision is for someone to connect to our community by way of a worship experience.  We believe that by understanding our God, His Word, and His work of sending Jesus Christ, His only Son, to be our Redeemer is critical to connecting to our fellowship.  Because of this, we want our people to be consistent in their individual daily worship, as well as their weekly worship with fellow believers.


Next Steps:  We want to get to know you! Our Sunday morning next steps team meets every week down front immediately following morning worship. Please drop by for a few minutes to pick up your gift and so we can say hello.

Life Groups:  Formerly known as Sunday School, Life Groups are the lifeline of the church and the main place where you are going to connect with other believers in a small group setting.  We emphasize in Life Groups the fulfilling of the Great Commission and doing life together.  Life Groups meet Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m.

Midweek Refuel Groups:  Refuel Groups are offered during the middle of the week and are topical bible studies and support groups for life experiences.  We offer courses such as Financial Peace, Divorce Care, and others that focus on marriage and parenting skills.  Launch Groups emphasize a mentoring relationship where specific discipleship skills are learned to help multiply leaders in our church, homes, and community.  These groups meet primarily on Wednesday evenings between 5:30-7:30 p.m.


Profession of Faith/Baptism:  When someone makes a profession of faith in Jesus Christ the next step is to connect with a local community of believers.  The expression by which this occurs is through baptism.  Baptism is an outward expression of an inward change.  It is a public testimony that your life has been changed by Christ.  We hold that baptism is merely symbolic and is not the means of salvation.  It is an act of obedience.  Believers in our church have demonstrated the same symbol in their connection with this fellowship.  We practice the biblical example of baptism by immersion.

By Statement:  What if I want to transfer my membership from another Southern Baptist Church?  When someone desires to join our church from another Southern Baptist Church, a formal request is made by the church clerk requesting a transfer of letter from the former church.  You will still be asked to provide a testimony of your salvation experience and be in agreement with the practices of our church.

What if I am from another denomination?  A person may desire membership in our church from groups that do not practice baptism by immersion.  You will be asked for your profession of faith (personal testimony) and then will need to be baptized.  The baptism is not a rejection of your testimony; rather it is an act of affirming Christ in your life as Lord, as well as an act of covenant with this community of believers.  


We believe that small groups are essential to your spiritual development.  Groups are the means by which you will hear life application from the Bible, receive ministry through prayer and care, meet new people in a more intimate setting, and experience community through intentional fellowship.  If you truly desire to develop in your faith, then participation in a small group will be integral to your experience.



We desire to connect people to the love of Jesus.  This is our mission.  As with any mission, it cannot happen with just one or a few.  The key to seeing a mission completed is by having a team of people ready to serve at any moment.  This is where someone’s service to the church becomes critical.  We believe that if someone is saved, they should serve.  Because of this, we have various opportunities for someone to connect to our fellowship and begin to give back their time and talents to see the church grow.


Mission Trips: We provide international, national and local mission trip opportunities throughout the year.  The majority of these trips occur during the summer months, but there are opportunities where needs may arise at different times (e.g., disaster relief, church plants). 

Life Group Ministry: We are consistently in need of people to serve as teachers or leaders in areas of outreach, ministry, and fellowship for all ages in the church.

Age-Specific Ministry Areas: In our adults, youth, children, and preschool areas, there will be specific needs arise throughout the year through events or special emphases that require people to serve in various capacities.  Examples include Vacation Bible School, Merge (student camp), children’s camps, men and women’s ministry events, etc.

First Impressions Ministry:  We are always in need of people to serve as door greeters, hosts, parking lot helpers, guest reception hosts, baptism team, Connect First and Next teams, and many other opportunities.  We want to involve as many people as possible on Sunday mornings so that everyone feels welcome. 

Worship Ministry: We have a vibrant music ministry for all adult ages that is in need of people who desire to honor the Lord with their talents.  Our choir ministry is for anyone that desires to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. 

​Tech Ministry: Our Tech Ministry is consistently in need of people that enjoy being in the background and yet seeing the Lord use technology to enhance and engage people in the worship ministry.

Sports Ministry: Our sports ministry is a great way to serve as a coach or mentor for teams as we have sports available for all ages.