Worship Associate

I was born in Jackson, TN and soon after was relocated and raised in Paris, TN. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior at the age of 12 while attending the local church. I recognized that I was dead in my sin and the only way to salvation and eternal life was through surrendering to Jesus Christ. Through months of counseling and study, I understood that I needed to be obedient to the Lord, which led to me being biblically baptized in March of 2021.


I moved to Memphis, TN in 2017 to seek an undergraduate degree in Music Performance at the University of Memphis. During my time there, I was given some amazing musical opportunities, like playing on the Mighty Sound of the South drumline. After graduating in May of 2021, I was led to continue my education at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary seeking a Masters of Divinity degree.


I was called to serve in ministry at the age of 16, but I did not completely surrender to this calling until I was 20 years old. At this point in life, God called me to serve at First Baptist Millington


I enjoy watching my favorite sports teams, such as the Memphis Grizzlies, Atlanta Braves, and the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. I also love to play and listen to different genres of music, from Contemporary Worship to Classical Orchestral Repertoire. Most of all, I love to study God’s word and discuss it with other people.