•The Mill exists to build a community of college and young adults purposed with reaching the nations for the glory of God.



 At 6:30 PM for our Mid-Week Refuel in the Family Life Center (Game Room)


At 9:00 AM for Life Group in the Family Life Center (Game Room)



Associate of College Ministries

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In ten, fifteen-minute presentations, John Piper instructs small groups and classes in the essentials of making their lives count for eternity.


Matt Chandler provides powerful teaching from Scripture and helps teens understand why believing in God and the Bible is not only reasonable but also essential.


Watch as Don Carson, Mika Edmondson, Russell Moore, Ray Ortlund, David Platt, and Ligon Duncan explain passages of Scripture that the Lord has used powerfully in their own lives


Matt Chandler and The Hub have partnered together to write, film, and produce a brand new, updated curriculum of The Mingling of Souls- a study of love, dating, marriage, intimacy, and redemption based on Song of Solomon!


In this series of short highlight videos from The Gospel Coalition, discover helpful answers, resources, and more for engaging with skeptics or your own questions about the Christian faith.