Coaching a sports team can leave a lasting impact! Come join Vertical Sports as a coach to teach sport specific skills, connect with players and their families, and share sport/life/biblical truths. What does it look like to be a team coach?


  • Be a Christ-like example to your players and their families, building relationships and helping them move toward a growing faith in Jesus
  • Teach the fundamentals of the sport while looking for teachable moments to teach both life and biblical principles 
  • Teach players how to pursue sports and competition with a biblical worldview
  • Give 2-3 hours a week serving as a coach


What a great opportunity sports create to build community and connect with others. Our hope is that you also see that opportunity and desire to play a part in connecting with others this season! What does it look like to be a team connector?


  • Placed with an adult/youth team to build gospel relationships with players and families.
  • Come to games/practices
  • Share Team Devotions
  • Encourage players by spending time with them on the bench and before/after games/spend time in the stands with families.
  • Give 1-2 hours a week serving as a Connector.