GROW is our church’s weekly outreach program! “GROW” is an acronym for “God Rewards Our Work.” Participants can be involved in outreach once a month through visitation, letter writing, or phone calling.  Guests are primarily assigned to Sunday School class for follow-up.  We have two ways to participate in GROW:

1. GROW every Tuesday from 2 p.m. until 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

2. GROW @ Home (beginning in May)

GROW @ Home-01

How Grow @ Home Works:

  1. Individuals will receive names for the assigned week of GROW on Tuesday.  Names are given based on Sunday School class divisions and location.
  2. Individuals are expected to make a personal contact using their GROW @ Home kits which are available in the library.
  3. Individuals will then give follow-up information to the church about their contact.

Watch this video from March 2014 to see what is included in a Grow @ Home kit

Sign up for GROW @ Home

You will receive a confirmation email once you are assigned.