If you are visiting First Baptist Church or wanting to learn how Life Groups work, then please take a moment to see if the following will answer any of your questions.

1.  Is there a place for me?

Yes!  Since Life Groups are open to the entire family, we provide groups that meet for all ages.  In the preschool area children are grouped according to age and in the children and youth areas they are grouped according to grades.  Adult groups are divided into three age divisions: Young Adults (18-39), Median Adults (40-64) and Senior Adults (65+)

2.  What time do our groups meet?  

We have adult only Life Groups that meet at 8:15 a.m.  Following our 9:30 morning worship, we have Life Groups for all ages that meet at 10:45 a.m.. Or there are adult Life Groups that meet on Wednesday evenings at 6:30.

3.  What do we do in my Life Group?

There are four main focuses in our groups:  teaching, reaching, ministry, fellowship.  We look at these as being the four legs of a stool which gives it balance.  We also understand that Sunday mornings are when most guests visit our church, so you will not find intense, hard to comprehend teaching, but rather a method of learning God’s Word that focuses entirely on application.  We want people to take what they have learned and share it with a world in need of Jesus Christ!

During a group, someone may share about opportunities for the group to participate in outreach in the church; someone else will lead in a time of prayer and focus on how they can minister to one another; and someone may share about ways in which the group can experience life together both on and off campus through fellowship.

First-time guests to the group are asked to fill out a guest form which gives us basic information for their Life Group to follow up and stay in contact with them.

Get yourself a cup of coffee, a donut maybe, and then just enjoy this time growing in God’s Word with people that share your same heart and desire!

4.  Do I have to be a church member to join a group?

No!  The great thing about our Life Groups is that they truly are open groups in that you can attend without being a member.  Though we encourage you to eventually follow through with membership, we encourage you to check out a group where you can connect and begin to grow even before you join our fellowship.

5.  What if I am interested in serving in a group?

Awesome!  We strongly encourage every person to find a place of service at First Baptist Church!  You can begin to learn about your place in ministry by visiting our PLACE page.

You will see that ways to serve are similar to the four legs of our stool in that someone can serve as a leader in one of our four areas: teaching, reaching, ministry, and fellowship.  Each one of those areas has different roles within them that open doors for service within the church body.  Find out where the Lord is leading you to serve and contact Bro. Joseph Brasher so he can help get you started.

Here are our ministry role desciptions:





If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bro. Joseph Brasher, Minister of Education.

If you are looking for a group, please click the link to our main First Group page.