The purpose of First Baptist Church’s Sunday School program is to “engage the entire congregation in fulfilling the Great Commission.”

The vision for First Baptist Church’s Sunday School program is to be the most effective means for growth by connecting families to open groups in our church as contributing members that are expressing their spiritual gifts!

Our Sunday School groups meet at 8:15 for adults only and then at 10:45 for all ages.

To begin connecting with a Sunday School class, find your age group, and click on the group to see a drop down box of classes available in that age range.

If you have questions, check out our Sunday School FAQ’s.

We also offer topical groups throughout the week that begin and end at certain times throughout the year. Our most focused time to meet is called Refuel on Wednesday nights at 5:30 or 6:30. Courses cover a wide range of topics to help adults grow in their walk with Christ. Children and youth also meet for age-specific ministries during these times. 

To be directed to our Refuel discipleship program click on the following link: Refuel

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Bro. Joseph Brasher, Minister of Education.

Check out Bro. Joseph’s blog for info and videos about Sunday School leadership: Becoming Him


Things coming up for Sunday School leadership:

July 24th- Annual Leadership Meeting. 6 p.m.- this is for all age group leaders/teachers and adult outreach, ministry, and fellowship leaders.  A light meal will begin in the fellowship hall with sessions and breakouts to follow.


Find the class that’s right for you below.

Millennials 18-35

College and Career (18-24)

10:45 a.m A226 Co-ed Rob and Lorrie Wright

Young Adult (25-35)

10:45 a.m. A228 Co-ed 20s Bobby Cole
A227-229 Co-ed 30s Jeff Rushing
A230 Special Needs Melinda Forsythe

Growth Division 30-50+

10:45 a.m. A231 Co-ed 30s Scott Hendren
A249 Co-ed 30s Bryan Field
A222 Women 30s Jane England
A220 Co-ed 30s Josh Roman
A240 Co-ed 40s Brad Merritt
A224 Co-ed 40s Jeff Wages
A236 Co-ed 40s Miles Dunagan/David Page
A238 Co-ed 40s Brian Seboly
A210 Co-ed 40s Chris Denson

Median Division 45-60+

10:45 a.m.A200Women40sLynda Gibson

10:45 a.m. A200 Women 40s Lynda Gibson
A237 Men 40s Jay Barnes
A209-211 Co-ed 40s Bobby Mullen
A204 Co-ed 40s Jim Warberg
FLC Game Room Co-ed 40s Terry Waits
A234 Co-ed 50s Jay Daniel
A256 Co-ed 50s Monte Sharpe
A214 Co-ed 50s Ron Wells
Choir Room Co-ed 60s Ken Martin

Mature Division 55-70+

8:15 a.m. A204 Co-ed 50s Carl Cline
A236 Co-ed 50s Ronnie Leopard
A224 Men 60s Carter Hooker
A200 Women 60s Sheryl Kaiser
10:45 a.m. A208 Co-ed 50s Don Holsinger
A206 Co-ed 50s Jack Langford
A202 Co-ed 50s Mike Lovelace
A203 Women 60s Mary Childress
A269 Women 60s Mary Alice Gaston

Legacy Division 65+

8:15 a.m. A212 Co-ed 60s John Shaw
A202 Women 60s Susan Silvey
A264 Men 70s Ernest Doyle
A210 Men 70s George Berthelson
A214 Men 70s Steve Bieber
A247 Women 70s Elisa Skinner/Jeanette Rast
A269 Women 70s Donna Percer
A265 Women 70s Violet Doyle
A249 Women 70s Sarah Berthelson
A268 Women 70s Freda Timbs
A267 Co-ed 70s Wayne Vincent
10:45 a.m. A247 Co-ed 60s Danny Wade
A267 Men 70s John Schroeppel
A264 Women 60s Marsha Finch


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