First Baptist Church values your growth with the Lord!  A part of that growth is finding the place where the Lord has gifted you to serve in the body of Christ.  One of the tools that First Baptist uses to help people to find their gifts and where they can best be used is through what we call PLACE.

PLACE involves three main elements:

1. PLACE Online Assessment.  The test which covers personality traits, interests, and spiritual gifting takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.  Though this may seem like a lengthy process, it actually coveys the importance of what it is to find your place to serve the Lord!

To begin the online assessment, you will need the instructions and a special code for First Baptist Church participants.  The following link will provide all these instructions, step-by-step.

PLACE Instructions

2. PLACE Coaching.  A part of the process is not to just take a test and be done, but rather we have people that are designated in the church to be able to sit down with you and talk through your personal assessment.  They will take the time to show you the best opportunities to connect and where the greatest needs are in the church that relate to your own spiritual gifting.

To schedule a coaching session, please click on the link provided:  PLACE Coaching

3. PLACE Serving.  Since you have been shown your gifting, you have gone through the process of being coached, it’s now time to step out and trust where the Lord will place you to serve!  This is the critical part in the process, as so many get to this point and stop.  The key though is to seek the Lord’s will and to serve Him!

4. Check out our ministry mobilizer guide for “places” to serve at Millington FBC:  Ministry Guide

If you have any questions about PLACE and opportunities to serve, then please feel free to contact Bro. Joseph Brasher.

To begin to find your place, start here:   PLACE Mobilizer